Manchester Metropolitan University Tropical Ecology Unit

Confirmed in field dates are June 11th to June 28th


  • We start on June 11th at 16:00 in the lobby of the Hotel Rincón Escandinavo at Leonidas Plaza N34-386. *As directions, ask for Leonidas Plaza and Baquerizo Moreno

  • On the evening of the 11th, you will all be booked into the Hotel Rincón Escandinavo (TBC).

  • On the 16th, we are back at the Hotel Rincón Escandinavo (TBC) in Quito and then the Hotel Rio Napo in Coca on the 3rd.

  • We head back to Coca on 28th and are booked into the Hotel Rincón Escandinavo (TBC) that night.


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